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Pushed to the limit.. but my limits are my own. So if they don’t fit your expectations.. GET OUT OF MY ZONE!! This area’s OFF limits!! There’s no YOU in these vicinits. This VICINITY! Is MY INFINITY!! YOU have two minutes.. But it only takes a second to meet the demons that are beckoned, ifContinue reading “Limits..”

Stop forcing kids to be racist!

World book day.. a day for KIDS to celebrate BOOKS. And what are we bitching about again.. RACE!!! Cos Alice in wonderland is fucking white!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! Racism is getting out of control. Because there aren’t enough BLACK characters being represented. These timeless books.. AMAZING BOOKS! Are probably going to be bannedContinue reading “Stop forcing kids to be racist!”


The voices in my head actually keep me sane.. 🤪🤯😶 ..

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